Board of Directors

The Rocky River Watershed Council is governed by a 15-member Board of Directors.

Directors are elected to two year terms at the RRWC Annual meeting in January.  

The 2022 Board of Directors is comprised of: 


Anton Krieger, Chair

Bryce Rizzo, Vice Chair

Abby Costilow, Secretary

Shelley Tender, Treasurer

Board Members

Kara Benninghofen
Tom Dufour
Mike Durkalec
Cathleen Kortyka

John McGovern

Jennifer Milbrandt

Tom Miller
Kairsten Nitsch

Jeremy Peppeard

Colleen Sliwinski

Breoni Turner

If you are interested in being considered for appointment, please

contact us.

Board Meetings

The Rocky River Watershed Council Board of Directors meets the fourth Tuesday of each month, except in months during which a quarterly full council meeting is held (in 2022 that will be January, May, July and October). All meetings of the Board are free and open to the public.