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About Us

What Is the Rocky River Watershed?

The Rocky River Watershed consists of the entire area that drains to the Rocky River when it rains. The 294 square mile network of neighborhoods, farms, forest, parks, roads and streams stretch form Medina to Lake Erie and includes all or part of 32 municipalities and townships located in four different counties.

What is the Rocky River Watershed Council?

We are a citizen-based, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to improving the aquatic quality of the Rocky River and its tributaries. It is the only organization dedicated solely to the protection and restoration of the Rocky River Watershed, The Council is lead by a volunteer Board of Directors comprised of a diverse assortment of public and private sector professionals.

What We Do:

Planning: Identifying water resource problems and solutions

Education: Teaching the value of the Rocky River Watershed and how to maintain its health

Techinical & Project Assistance: Collaborating with watershed communities to address local concerns

Organization: Bringing together concerned citizens to make a difference for our shared environment

Action: Conducting hands-on activites that make a positive impact on the Rocky River Watershed

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