BOCK for the ROCK: Summer of River <3 Kickoff Event!

We are launching RRWC's Summer of River ❤️ with Bock for the Rock, a fundraiser for the Rocky River Watershed Council that combines River Stewardship Workshops, Lunch on the River, membership in RRWC + an early afternoon Beer Tasting with Blue Heron Brewery.

Come join us on the morning of Sunday May 16 at this gorgeous location in Medina County, site of the headwaters of the Rocky's West Branch. Plan to arrive by 10am to take-in majestic views of the Rocky River headwaters. Workshops will begin shortly thereafter with a goal to provide you the knowledge you need to become a Rocky River Watershed Steward including:
-Water Quality Testing (chemical and macro invertebrate)
-Invasive ID & Removal
-Tree Planting
-Habitat Analysis
-Kids Workshop targeted at 12 and under youth

All workshops will be hosted OUTSIDE at Austin Badger Park, within a 5 minute walk of the Brewery. You can choose one to participate in when you register.

These workshop topics will be repeated at locations in and along the entirety of the Rocky River watershed through October 1, 2021 as part of the Summer of River ❤️.

Cost to Register for May 16 Bock for the Rock:
-$15 for students & seniors
-$25 for adults
-Registrants 20 and under are free. If you are close to that age, please be prepared to show your Drivers License for age verification.

To RSVP go to

(registration link to follow to all RSVPS)